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The West Chapel

The West Chapel
Dayalan Temple On the Border
(Sans partially eaten people; dead lizards; blood, gore and viscera; chains, manacles and spiked collars)

The blockade consists of rope looped around all four pillars with wood, blankets and anything else the shoppers thought to bring or the gatherers gathered. The height of the blockade is approximately 7 to 8 feet.

The platform consists of rope stretched tightly between pillars and chains hanging from walls and ceiling; on top of the ropes is Darian's tarp. The platform is approximately 8 to 10 feet off the floor.

Per Wolf, the positions and health of lizards seen by those in the Chapel and by Daxia are included on latest graphic.

Again, positions and health of lizards and revised positions of players. Arrows indicate path of travel; i.e., through Cesare and Romana to the delicious healers and Amberite in the corner. Dean is, at the moment, doing yoga, as is one of the beasts (light green). One beast knocked itself senseless (light blue). One beast is dead (red), two are twitching and nearly dead (orange). Two are perfectly healthy (dark green) and on the move. One is wounded (purple). One is slightly wounded (dark blue) and just ate part of Dazi's shield.

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