Please vote for your three favourites ACROs in order (PM or email) by Thursday 15th Oct. Thanks! smile

1 Tangoing Armadillos Celebrate Another Saturday (they made it through the work week AGAIN!)

2 Tarantulas, Anacondas & Crocodiles Awesomely Scary (at least to most people)

3 Texas, Arizona, California Ally Secretly (but what are they planning?)

4 Time And Chaos (in) Absolute Space (like the TARDIS, but mine is unruly and the same size inside as out).

5 Today's Activities Can (wait) As (tomorrow is) Saturday.

6 Tortoise Accepts Challenge And Succeeds (Much to the amazement of the hare)

7 Trained Alpacas Can Avoid Spitting (but llamas always expectorate)

8 True Acros Consistently Address Social (issues)