The Heartwood
Talesan’s Village
Under the Docks
Hasday, the Twelfth Day of Scholar

Cesare, Kadri, Mikal, Bekkah and Rory

It did not take long for Kadri and Mikal to reach the low terrace, to be just a few inches above the slowly moving water. The air was damp, tinted with the taste of salt, and the smooth worn stone was still slick and treacherous.

Every so often a wave would just crest the top of the stone, sending a film of water pooling across a portion of the terrace until that rogue wave receded.

Behind them followed Bekkah, having left Twls at the top of the cliff side path. The Atteran quickly crossed the terrace to join her companions.

Thus, finally, all had caught up to Rory and Cesare.

Cesare had entered the small, strange anteroom. At this point he could only see just a little bit more into the subterranean passage. The passageway continued almost twice as far ahead before darkness swallowed what was further beyond. Just before the dark shadows there looked to be two openings, to the right and to the left. By what he could discern, the left hand side was not as much a wall but perhaps in actuality a very large column.