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#698642 - Fri 17/01/14 15:02 GMT TWO - Who's who
Gypsy Offline


Registered: Tue 09/05/00
Posts: 50109
Loc: Pidley, Cambs, UK

Chaydorin (Chay) Felmar

In his thirties, Chay is now the proprieter of The Way Out, an inn situated in Pond Lane, just off the Market Square. He seems an unlikely owner, a bit rough and ready, not the most social type and not giving an impression of wealth. However the inn, previously the Mad Cat and still names as such on any map, had been run down as the previous owner sunk further into gambling debts. Rumour is that he owed Chay money amongst others and did a deal to get out from under.

#698650 - Fri 17/01/14 16:41 GMT Re: TWO - Who's who [Re: Gypsy]
Nivek Offline


Registered: Tue 28/08/01
Posts: 43442
Loc: Kentucky

Serena Mills

Serena is in her mid-thirties and is the complete opposite of Chay, perhaps why he hired her as a serving maiden. She's outgoing, cheerful and seems to be able to naturally put anyone at ease. She's deceptively agile for her size and she's especially good at avoiding overly friendly hands. She has the ability to put anyone at ease with her seemingly innocent easy going manner whether it's merchants, nobles or the lowest of men.

#698652 - Fri 17/01/14 17:13 GMT Re: TWO - Who's who [Re: Nivek]
Gypsy Offline


Registered: Tue 09/05/00
Posts: 50109
Loc: Pidley, Cambs, UK


Amy is a young orphan aged around 8 years. Her mother died of TB about 4 years ago and Amy never knew her father, though there had been men in her mother's life from time to time.

The Inn is her home. She has a small space near the fire in the kitchen and earns her keep by helping out around the place. The staff all look out for her. She is smart, tough and precocious, wise beyond her years especially from being around adults like Lem and Zach and having to fend for herself some of the time.

#698673 - Fri 17/01/14 23:25 GMT Re: TWO - Who's who [Re: Gypsy]
J-J Vomact Offline

Numbers Geek

Registered: Fri 12/05/00
Posts: 21446
Loc: Old Bridge, NJ, USA


Lem the barman looks like he could be anywhere from his mid-thirties to his mid-fifties. His face is lined and weathered, suggesting the older end of the range, but his hair and beard are jet black, suggesting the younger. His eyes are dark and give the impression that not much escapes his notice, but he has a ready smile. Most noteworthy, perhaps, is the fact that he walks with a cane in support of his right leg.

#698680 - Sat 18/01/14 02:21 GMT Re: TWO - Who's who [Re: J-J Vomact]
Exeter Offline


Registered: Wed 10/08/05
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Loc: Charlotte, NC - USA


Somewhere in his forties, but with rather seamed features that make him look older rather than younger, there is almost always a twinkle in Zach's eye and a tall tale or what he thinks is a song on his lips. He's not a big man, but he moves more athletically than you'd think. Zach serves as bouncer and all around handyman in the tavern.

#699005 - Fri 24/01/14 01:07 GMT Re: TWO - Who's who [Re: Gypsy]
Halloween Jack Offline

Registered: Wed 09/03/11
Posts: 17
Loc: New Mexico, US


A graceful woman in her early thirties, Marion is in charge of the kitchen of The Way Out, although she is expected to help Serena with serving duties on particularly busy nights. She is normally good-natured, but the death of her husband has left Marion melancholy and somewhat moody. Confident but soft-spoken, her manner is rather more refined than one might expect from a cook.

Marion is fiercely proud of her son Hakon, who has recently earned a place as a recruit in the city guard.


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