This temporary game is designed to help New Members get started in a game very quickly, provide that initial experience and guidance so they can then take on more permanent characters in other games recruiting new players.

We know that it can take a little time for newcomers to find their feet and for them to find a game that is recruiting and suits them. This game provides an interim stage in that process. smile

There is however some room for existing members also. Please read on. grin

New Members or Returning Members not in a game yet

Take a look at the Character Template. Think about your human character. Why is he/she travelling to this large town, almost a pioneer town at the edge of civilisation? Do they have a profession? This can be a D&D class or a trade - minstrel, barrel maker, merchant etc. The Way Out has a reputation for helping people with their problems. Are you in trouble? Do you need help? Think of an interesting problem you need resolving.

Existing Members
This is not one of our usual games. Each thread will be a minigame for each player and there is a limit to how many of these we can handle at one time. However we would warmly welcome a number of you to post to a game thread to be part of the local colour in the inn. Your first post should include a description (ideally a pic in the gallery), character name and what you do in the town. Keep it low key, this inn does not generally attract the rich & powerful. grin